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The Power to Rise

As I prepare for an upcoming event, “Stories of Empowerment: Women Rising”, asking the question, what makes you rise; I’ve been reflective to answer the question for myself. The past few months have been very challenging from doing my best to support an ill mother to being at her side at the time of her death. There were times where I didn’t feel myself rising at all. However, this week I’ve been positioned in conversations with others discussing childhood upbringings and lessons learned from our parents and grandparents. I realized in one moment that even though my matriarchs are all physically gone from this Earth, they’ve given me the tools to carry on an honest, respectful, loving and hard-working legacy. Through their examples, teachings, and love I surely do rise.

Gratifying moments show us how blessed we are; difficult moments show us how strong we are. Both moments reflect our ability to rise in euphoria, rise to the occasion, or rise through adversity. Giving a tiny sneak peak of the activities I’m planning for this event, I hope you join our energy even if you can’t join us for the event. Please consider doing these 4 things this week:

  1. Take a quiet moment to reflect on what it is that makes you rise. Good or bad. What motivates you? What brings you joy? What makes you strong?

  2. Bring this topic up to a close friend or two or three. Tell them what makes you rise and ask them to share the same with you. Listen for common things and listen for different things. Bond over your similarities and appreciate your differences.

  3. Consider areas in which you wish to rise. My motto is we will learn and teach until the day we die.

  4. Take action! Willfully engage more in the healthy activities that make you rise. Take action steps toward the things you wish to rise into.

Women tend to juggle a lot of roles in everyday life and the weight can be suffocating at times. Real Images addressed this subject in a past panel discussion, “Women, Stress and the SHEro Complex”. At that event, the women in the room agreed that taking time to do what you love and taking time for yourself is most important to keep us strong and confident. And the world can never have too many strong, confident women, right?

Stories of Empowerment is a series created by the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas and the ESSE Purse Museum. Women Rising is the second installment of the series, taking place on September 29th at 5pm at the ESSE Purse Museum. Ticket cost is $25.

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