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Even the most heroic of women need to take time to rest and rejuvenate. I felt the need to take a short break from Real Images this summer to regain my sanity, strength and energy so that I can continue to make a difference in my community.

It’s hard to be a role model or mentor because you are fighting to balance the image of having it all together while you actually do NOT have it all together.

I needed time this summer to take in all of what I had tackled in crossing over from 2014 into the first few months of 2015: my ex leaving me for another woman, my mother going through her second round with cancer, moving her in my one bedroom apartment so that I could take her to radiation treatments daily and buying a house so that I didn’t have to continue sleeping on an air mattress while we didn’t know how long her treatments would be. It’s been a hell of a year. But it is those rough and stressful times that make you understand how strong you actually are. I applaud the women who have or are currently juggling worse situations. I watch you and I learn from you. It’s truly a power you have inside of yourself to keep going and to keep inspiring others when you need some inspiration yourself. Thank you to the people who supported Real Images this year and have allowed us to take a break. Thank you to those in my personal life who were there to hear me be stressed, be bitchy, be heartbroken and be not such a positive spirit. We all have our moments and it’s still admirable and powerful to say every now and then, “I need some time.” Finally, thank you to my board of directors who have helped me see what great things we can do in 2016. I truly appreciate the journey and the path ahead. Now let’s get back to work!


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