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The Power To Love

We want what we are not. We give love without loving ourselves. We’re quiet when we should speak up and we look for mental and spiritual completion in someone else…all in the name of LOVE. These were some on the hard truths given at the Battle of the Sexes panel earlier this month. Our panelists were diverse in their currently romantic status and views on relationships, but that’s what makes these conversations interesting and timely. I wish I could tell you that the audience walked away with all of the mysteries of love solved, but that wasn’t the case.

Relationships are like your fingerprints, there’re unique to each couple. The challenge is to know yourself enough to determine exactly what you want from your partner and communicate those wants openly and effectively. This event is annual and the only one where Real Images includes men as panelists. We are all about uniting the power of women to uplift our community, but we love our men as well. They are vital parts of the conversation for young girls to examine how important it is for them to love themselves first and shatter the box labeled "wifey" as our male panelists did in our dialogue. I applauded the men who came out to express their truth. And I think they searched for knowledge from the women as well. The conversation closed with panelists, Taylor and Caleb, both discussing their nieces who are teenagers facing the pressures of self image, and as uncles finding those encouraging words to give to them. I saw the concern and love expressed on their faces as they talked about it.

As moderator, I don’t get to talk much. I keep the conversation moving and structured. But you want my take away? The woman’s power to love is so much deeper and so much wider than its role in romantic relationships. It reaches from self-love to our love of our children, our friends, our brothers and our sisters. It is the breath that gives everything around it life. Songs are written about it. Poems are recited for it. Paintings become masterpieces from it. And we have to own the fact that it should be cherished, honored, and protected. What that means for you is for you to determine. But when you figure it out, stick to your values and politely check those who try to take you off course. Happy Valentine’s Day from Real Images.


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